Our mission


SRS' mission is to carry out investment in healthcare companies over the long term. Our group provides long-term support for their national and international development and strengthens their leadership position.

Our 40 years of experience in healthcare and medical-social services, combined with our financial reliability, make us a very high added value partner.

SRS' holdings are spread across the entire care pathway for people made vulnerable by age, disability or illness.

SRS acts as a majority or significant minority shareholder in companies of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to international leaders.

Today a key player in the French healthcare and medical-social sector, SRS also intends to play a key role in the healthcare of tomorrow.

At the heart of the company


Under the impetus and with the assistance of SAGESSE, the family holding company of its founder Yves Journel, SRS brings its business expertise to its subsidiaries' management teams and to financial investors, and contributes to its shareholding companies' rapid growth.

Back to the roots; Yves Journel, pioneer and visionary

Yves Journel is one of the key figures in the emergence of private hospitalization and retirement homes in France. A clinic manager since 1977, he founded DomusVi in 1983, one of the leaders in the field of care and service for independent or dependent seniors.

« SRS, Sagesse Retraite Santé, is a strategic investor, which has specialised in health care service companies for the past 40 years.

  • Their focus is on housing, ecology, support and care for people weakened by age or illness.
  • Their project aims to build the future of our modern western societies which are faced with an aging population:

Domus Vi, Alma Viva, Sedna and Emera are our first points of reference and our history.
Apt Renaissance and Majycc are our vision for the future.

These are people-friendly and supportive companies, they build bridges between generations and promote social consensus.
These companies are growing and will face an exponential increase in demand over the next 15 years.
They are companies of excellence, which meet the altruistic requirements of the 21st century.

Our 60,000 employees of companies in which we are shareholders deserve respect for what they do. We train people to protect the love between two people in an aging and troubled world. »

Yves JOURNEL . Fonder

Yves Journel

Our added values


SRS has a long and successful history and we are experts in managing healthcare facilities; since it was created, SRS has used its expertise to support its holdings in managing their facilities.


A stable shareholder base since its creation; SRS was created in 1983 and is controlled by its founder Yves JOURNEL alongside renowned institutional investors and reliable financial partners.


Real international know-how for many years; SRS is present in many European countries (Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands), in North America (since 2007) and in Latin America (since 2018).


SRS provides long-term support for its companies' growth; SRS is a growth catalyst with an ambition to create sustainable value.


True experts in new and digital technologies to build the health of tomorrow; SRS launched Majycc in 2018, a smart money investment vehicle specialized in e-health.


Great flexibility in equity investments; SRS is involved in small and large companies, with different ticket sizes, in equity or quasi-equity.

Our CSR policy


Aware of Society’s major challenges (environmental, social, societal and governance issues), SRS fully supports its subsidiaries in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

SRS aims to support initiatives to improve and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, to be a player in its subsidiaries’ transformation in relation to social and societal issues, and to pursue the development of its activities by implementing exemplarity governance in line with our values. 

With this goal of exemplarity, SRS has adopted a Gift and Invitation Policy accessible for all our employees, partners and service providers.

Gift and Invitation Policy (pdf, 115 ko).

SRS also adopted a whistleblower reporting system to bring to the attention of the Group Compliance Officer any information or facts described in the Whistleblower Charter (pdf, 124 ko).

Filing a Whistleblower Report.

Our team


Since its creation, SRS has been lucky to have a reliable team who have gained considerable experience in managing establishments, and have acquired knowledge in administrative and financial management as well as real estate expertise.

Elise Lemaire
Elise Lemaire
Accounting and Financial Director
Yannick Le Louet
Property Director
Anne Lamourette
Group Compliance and CSR Officer
Patricia Henry
Patricia Henry
General Secretary
Fabrice Journel
Fabrice Journel
Member of the Management Board
Pierre Chabaud
Pierre Chabaud
Investment Director
Sandrine Avelange
Sandrine Avelange

Our investments


SRS' main objective is to invest in an entrepreneurial approach alongside a team with a project offering ambitious organic and/or external growth potential.

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La FonciereMajyccAPT-RenaissanceEmeraX-Path

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